I understand science-fiction representational codes as a way to achieve (to construct) a personal truth.

My work speaks of connections and encounters.

Usually there is a human being in another planet, an alien on Earth; a cast away trying to understand the structure of that ocean which surrounds us and is inside us.

My work speaks of perception, about how we, each of us, perceive a different world. And about how we try to establish a common denominator of our different worlds in just one collective idea to understand it. Despite it all, I think the real world is coded just in the information we lost in the effort of explain it.

I draw about the challenge of understanding the mystery of life; about the darkness that make us unique and allows us to shine. About the cosmos we all have inside.

And about energy, about modelling this energy that needs to be released before it explodes inside.

I said my work speaks of my feelings and of my life, as well. I live as a creative person, I am involved always in this creative process.  Most of the time my work speaks of itself ( and hopefully for itself ). Creation speaking of creation and about the relationship between me and the other in this communication process.

I like the idea of a fractal universe structure in which we have several layers of the reality. Worlds containing worlds.

I like to use figurative scenes to try to think in abstract terms.

If you have time to see my drawings, you will see repetitive elements as diamonds, wires, ropes, constellations, holes, deserts, lakes of glitches, magical stones, huge eyes, cosmic environments, runes, and lost astronauts dealing with all of this.

These elements are the pieces that create a personal code that it seems it is developping itself through me, leaving some pawprints, drawing grooves that connect all of this prints, connecting years and years of work. A mental map that allows me to go and return  learning new things in the way and where each new learning is enlarging the inner environment that this map describe letting more space inside, ready to be filled with more questions and new ways to answer it.

I am a human with a crowd inside and I relate our conversations in the walls.

I like to draw devastated landscapes, as an idea of my mind. Lost characters Always looking for what´s next.

When all is lost, be sure that you will find something.

I believe in art to explain my life and mind processes in a deeper way to myself.

I believe in me, I believe in others, and I believe we can connect at some point.

ART can provide us that  point».

DEIH 2018

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